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Date:2016-03-31 11:24
Subject:Nostalgia trip

Watching .hack//SIGN and reading journals at work... I'm having a strange sense of deja vu and it's just too weird.

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Date:2016-02-22 16:10
Subject:Owari no sewing (just hanging in there)

I started watching Owari no Seraph since all my friends are into it. I really like the idea of the plot, but haven't settled yet on if the characters grab me beyond their stereotypes. I keep finding myself liking them, but then getting disappointed when things fall exactly into the set of events I am predicting them to. I was really iffy on the purple-haired girl being annoying or not, and then just when I started liking her, I wanted to punch her in the face. But... But I keep wanting to see how it ends, and so I'm about 6 episodes in.

But I'm so busy.

All I've been doing lately is sew all day (on weekends), eat, sleep, go to work, INTEND to sew at my desk, but work gets frustrating with tasks I should be able to complete quickly, but somehow wrangle most of my time away, and then it's nearly time to go home and repeat the process and sew until I'm too exhausted to think straight.

I am really hanging in there for a break. But I have 3 costumes to complete, and as usual, they are just difficult. x_x

Anyway, have a progress shot, if you're interested. This is Sync for my roommate, for Aselia-con.

Read more...Collapse )

I've got to finish this, my Brute costume from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, and a Decus costume we've started for her as well. Just three more weeks. I can do this. x_x I want to have both of hers completely done by not this weekend, but the next.

Sorry I've been quiet otherwise. This is what's been eating my life.

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Date:2016-02-02 11:26
Subject:Anime North Texas: Con report (3/3)

The last dayCollapse )

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Date:2016-01-05 12:26
Subject:Anime North Texas: Con report (2/3)

Okay, so Anime North Texas, day 2!Collapse )

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Date:2016-01-04 16:14
Subject:So tired, but back in action

Everything with Slayers fell through for Ikkicon, and I was bummed about it, but we pulled off our Blue Exorcist costumes (thanks to miccostumes.com) and it was much less stressful thanks to that. @_@ I think I need to get to bed early again tonight though, because I'm still tired.

First though, I've got to clean the living room, kitchen, and start working on what isn't finished from our cosplays for the next cons. Xellos came down to being like 95% done except maybe it's more like 90% when I think about how much work those goddamn rectangles on his trim are. There are 33 of them. A circular cape is deceptively large if you think about it. T____T

I'm going to take them to work to do them by hand tomorrow. Tonight, I'm starting my Brute costume from Tales of Symphonia 2, for Aselia-con.

And next Saturday, I FINALLY get to see Star Wars. I've been waiting this long and am somewhat spoiled, annoyingly so, but I've avoided hearing anything else about it, since. :|

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Date:2015-12-19 08:19
Subject:Lolita meetup, and cosplay things

I never had time to make the dress I wanted to for the meetup. :( I'm disappointed to be wearing the same dress I wore last year. But I'll try to change it up a bit with accessories at least, and maybe I'll have my dress done by the new years meet. :/ I'd considered not going today, but I'd been looking forward to it for months and I still should get to the mall to finish my Christmas shopping.

Then there's my cosplays. As usual, I should have started sooner, but it's only been in the past month that I've felt enough energy to do anything. So here's hoping I can catch up by next week. X_x I'll have an update later tonight about things.

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Date:2015-12-14 09:51
Subject:Slayers progress

So for Ikkicon this January, my roommate [personal profile] insidious and I are going to be Xellos and Lina Inverse, from Slayers! I started her costume last week. Mine, I did start a few weeks back, but life has gotten in the way and so I didn't get as far as I wanted. But I did do a significant amount on Saturday, at least.

pics!Collapse )

The sleeves aren't hemmed in that pic, but I did that Sunday morning. I was going to hem the pants, but a lot of things came up and stressed me out, so no more progress yet... But I intend to catch up tonight. The pattern for the cape is already cut out, the hemline on the pants are marked, and I can get started as soon as I get home.

Also, I need to finish the EGL skirt I was working on. @_@ The Lolita meetup is this Saturday and I still have nothing to wear. I miiight be pulling an all-nighter tonight. x_x

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Date:2015-12-11 10:17
Subject:Anime North Texas: Con report (1/3)

Alright, I haven't done one of these in forever, but I feel like writing this one up.

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I'll write up part 2 soon! This is way more than enough for one post!

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Date:2015-11-19 14:25
Subject:Anime North Texas

 I'm going to Anime North Texas this weekend!

I've been working on some simple costumes over the weekend and this week, but even that was too much for my old sewing machine to handle. It went out, then the machine I borrowed froze up (I suspect rust or something internal), and the latest machine I got my hands on is from like 1950 or something, and the band is about to snap (like my machine also did). 

I just.

Can this please stop happening right before a con for me? I'm exhausted. 4 hours sleep is not cutting it, nor is this stress, but I'm going to get this tunic done, so help me. It's for a group my friend has really really wanted to do. I don't want to default on it, even if that means finishing it at the con. :|

If you're going though, I'll be there in Touka (Tokyo Ghoul) on Friday, and hopefully the Hero of Spielburg (Quest for Glory II) on Saturday if the latest sewing machine I borrow tonight holds up... and same thing goes for Sunday; I'll be Ashiya (Devil is a Part-Timer) if I can get my apron done. :(

Well all of the stress aside, I'm excited for it...

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Date:2015-11-13 12:45
Subject:Death Parade has all of my feels

Oh my god, this show. ;_; It's only 12 episodes. I cried at pretty much every one of them at some point or another.

I wish it hadn't ended, but at the same time, I think that's the perfect number of episodes to resolve what it did. I wouldn't mind a second season, but I know it would be different from the first.

I need to cosplay from it, though, and maybe read fic. @_@

...pandora, you are not helping here.

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Date:2015-10-15 13:00
Subject:Catching up on my anime

Well this is a spontaneous update. I wanna ramble on about something though, and don't really have anyone to listen.

I started watching Death Parade, and it's really interesting! At first I found it upsetting. The premise is that after people die, they are sent to this bar called Quindecim, where arbiters decide upon who will be reincarnated, or who will be sent to the void/hell. The more I watch it though, the more psychological it gets, breaking down people's motivations and what makes one human, the emotions that drive us, etc. It's just... really, really fascinating.

I haven't been able to hate a single character. More often than not it makes me want to cry. I'm a little sentimental, though. ;;;

And the characters driving the decisions are complicated too, even though they were meant to have no emotion. I'm on episode 9, and I have to get to a doctor's appointment, but it's a cliffhanger and so that means I've got to wait until tomorrow. Augh.

But I have RP to write with my roommate tonight. That's generally how I spend my evenings. As much as I've tried to play in public games, I can't seem to stick with it when I have only a couple of people I can write consistently with and not have all my ideas dry up.

Thus the Dilandau icon rather than Decim or Nona or something, haha. I've been writing him and it's a lot of fun.

I guess I had better catch my ride, though. I might have more to say on this show, later.

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Date:2015-08-14 16:21
Subject:Wow... RP Circa 2000. Distant Shores MUCK

I just found my archives of RP from all the MUCKs I joined over the years.

That sure was some quality RP back in the day... lmaoCollapse )

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Date:2014-04-09 10:29
Subject:Testing crossposting

This is a test to crosspost to my LJ. Yeah, I guess that means I'm posting there again. :P

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Date:2011-12-21 00:25
Subject:Leaving Livejournal because it sucks
Mood: pissed off

Okay, I'm out. This new update is terrible and HUGE.

If you want to keep up with me, I'm on Dreamwidth and Insanejournal, with the same username.


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Date:2011-12-12 18:32
Subject:Warning, if you are content with your 'subject' lines and comment threads, you might want to read th


Ugh, sometimes I hate the people who code LJ

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Date:2011-12-09 14:29

Ugh, my feet are so cold. But I don't want to turn on the heater.

I should have cooked something warmer for lunch too, but I couldn't resist making this after finding all the stuff I needed at the Chinese market.

Today"s lunch is sobaCollapse )

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Date:2011-12-08 12:20

I have a terrible addiction.


I can never buy one of these bags, and not finish the damn thing in a day. Why? T___T Why is it so tasty?

I think I have a 5th of the bag left. I am not going to touch it. I'm not. >__________<

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Date:2011-12-07 17:09
Subject:Melissa's adventures in cooking?

A few weeks ago I tried learning to bake brownies, so I could share them for the holidays with my family. That didn't go very well. At all. But I'll try again with something else soon enough. The strange thing is that lately I have been cooking a lot more, mostly out of necessity with it just being cheaper and me being the only one that had any idea how to burn meat. I know I'm eating my words when I said I hated cooking last year. I think it's that I hate staying in one place for a long time when I want to do other things. If I can save time and afford to eat out, I will. But cooking right now at least makes me feel useful.

I"ve been more adventurous lately.Collapse )

I'm hoping this won't turn out like my baking adventure or there will be much cussing and dumping of food.

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Date:2011-12-06 23:26
Subject:WARNING: Purina pet food has started making pets ill

Ugh... This is upsetting because we used to feed Maggie this. Not that I think it had anything to do with her tumor, but she didn't need to be having sub quality food on top of that. -_-

Originally posted by boosette at WARNING: Purina pet food has started making pets ill

Originally posted by issendai at WARNING: Purina pet food has started making pets ill

My coworker John told me that his cat was seriously ill--throwing up, lethargic, refusing food, dropping weight. The previously healthy 6-year-old, 15-pound cat had lost a third of her body weight over the last few months. The vet couldn't find anything wrong with her. Blood tests were clean, and she didn't have any known illnesses. Yet she was a few days from organ failure.

That was a week ago. She's fine now. The solution was... to stop feeding her Purina cat food.

When John told me that, and said that friends of his had the same problem with their cats and Purina cat food, I looked into it. Holy shit. Take a look at the consumer complaints about Purina cat and dog food. This exact same problem has been an issue with Purina pet foods since 2007, but since this summer, the rate of complaints has picked up drastically. People who previously had to problems with Purina are reporting issues. Comment after comment sounds the same:

I've been feeding my three cats Fancy Feast canned food Chopped Grill Feast for many years. They have always devoured their meal and licked the plates clean. Last week, I noticed they did not want to eat much and went from plate to plate, ate a little. Next day, none of them would eat it. I kept trying new cans. What they did eat made them vomit and one cat was lethargic for days. I refuse to buy any more of this food. It's very scary. I don't know what is wrong with the food, but I fear it has toxins in it. I switched to another brand and the cats are fine now. Did anyone else experience this?


My dogs have been eating Purina Dog Chow (green bag) for about four years. They used to eat only Iams, but due to financial issues, we had to go with a cheaper brand. The last bag I purchased was about a week and a half ago. My 14 years old Labrador has vomited about 5-6 times and my German Shepherd has vomited about 4 times. Something is wrong with this food! The food has a kind of metallic smell to it. It just does not smell right. I'm taking it back to the pet store. I am changing my dogs' food, it's just not worth taking the chance to save a few dollars.


We purchased a large bag of Purina One Salmon dry cat food to give to a needy pet owner. She emailed us a couple of days later ,to say that there were maggots, lots of them with what looked to be like strands or webs with more dead gnats or flies, pieces of web in the food and "shells" of gnats or flies in the bag. Cats would not eat much of the food and, fortunately, they did not get sick. The store had noticed this problem in other bags and was willing to swap out.


I purchased a 34 lb bag of Purina One Smartblend dog food every three to four weeks for my two Labradors. The last bag I purchased seemed fine until I noticed a new infestation of little black bugs. Upon further inspection through the contents of the bag, I noticed clusters of white "eggs" adhered to quite a bit of the food. Some of these clusters contained larvae in the process of hatching. I immediately threw out the remaining contents of the bag but did save samples for my vet.

We went out of town last weekend and had friends dog sit for us. We originally attributed their lethargy and random vomiting to separation anxiety. Although they are doing better, I am still concerned and will be watching them closely. As stated, I saved samples of the infested dog food for our vet in the event that anything results from this issue.


I recently switched to the Friskies Poultry Variety pack (32 cans) that says it must be used by August 2013 (12281789 09:31 lo61237) sku (050000454242). I have 5 cats and feeding them this food, I noticed some of them throwing up. There's nothing in it but liquids, no hair ball, no food, nothing. My cats range from 8 weeks to 13 years old.

I switched my own cats to Purina a couple of months ago, and their coats look so much better than they did on the old brand of cat food... but Buffy has started vomiting stomach liquids. Purina and Fancy Feast are off the menu. Permanently.

I have no idea why this isn't news. But if you're feeding your pets any Purina brand, please don't wait for media confirmation that something is going on. Stop feeding your pets Purina immediately.

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Date:2011-12-02 17:51
Subject:Wild Arms TV

Been watching Wild Arms TV after so many years, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. I mean, yeah it's pretty episodic, but still fun! Mirabelle is my favorite, because she turns into that awkwardly cute fat little bat to get away from trouble. XD

Well, time to go cook something. Almost dinner time.

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