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Mudou Setsuna

Angel Sanctuary at A-kon

Currently suffering from con plague, but it was SO worth it. Don't have many pics of myself on my camera, but Ed's does so I'll post a link later.

There's a lot to tell about A-kon, including feeling sick Friday night which sucked, and awesome photoshoots before that, but I'll give a Friday report later.

We got up on Saturday and got in our costumes. I had been sewing the belt buckles on Setsuna on Thursday night until 2am, when we also finally painted Katou's sword and did touchups on Ed's Yamamoto sword while we were at it. I find it funny that the wrap around the grip of the Shiranui Katou carries is leftover fabric from Setsuna, but it wasn't like we had a Lucifer to steal leather from. Setsuna's t-shirt was sewn Friday night after we got back pretty late, but it only took about an hour, thank god. I wasn't about to make myself sew it Thursday when I was half coherent, and it turned out nice.

When we got to the con, we put all of Uriel's makeup on, and Doll didn't get in costume until later because she had a Reborn! shoot to go to. That was okay, cause it took a while to make Uriel black. XD When we were finally finished, we wandered the con a bit, but we were starved so we went to the food court. By now, we'd learned that you can't take swords in there, and this time, we stuffed the Shiranui into the duffle bag (that was SUPPOSED to be Katou's Egg-carrying bag but it's kinda oversized... at least it hid swords.) and it fit because it was 'broken'. XD By which I mean the tip sawed off to look busted on purpose.

I proceded to snap a lot of candid shots, but I'll be nice and only post the two flattering ones.

Sara still looks like she might kill me for this, or maybe that's just the vacant stare of insanity.

Uriel and Katou make faces like they know something we don't. That shirt says "Got Jesus" btw.

We met some pretty cool people at lunch because all the tables were taken, so we shared with them. One of them actually recognized our costumes, but only after we started talking about cosplay. It's sad how obscure they are. T_T This was also the beginning of Katou x Sara.

After lunch, we pretty much wandered around most of the day. But when we got back to the hotel and went to the dealer's room, you know it just wouldn't be A-kon without a disaster. Katou's glove went missing. We all ran around looking for it but then that got us separated, and I finally caved and just sucked it up and bought a black t-shirt from the dealers room. After years of cosplay disasters, you develop a healthy sense of paranoia. One of those is bringing an emergency repair kit. I called Ed, who was changing into Doll at her car, and she grabbed the kit that I (dumbly) had decided to leave in the car. When we finally caught up with her at the bathroom she was in near tears because the wind had blown off her hairtie, but thankfully it had just been caught in her wig. We spent an hour in the bathroom, bypassing the time of the meetup as I hand-sewed a glove, and Sara and Doll ran off to get food. At 5pm, we made it out with a sort of shoddy glove that served its purpose, and since I heard that none of the other cosplayers had finished their costumes anyway, we probably hadn't missed them to begin with. Ryohei called and caught up with us asking to help out, which was awesome. We took off for the lobby and got a map, then set out for the Fountain Place.

We were about a block away when most of us were too hot to go on, specifically poor Katou and Uriel in their leather coats. x_x So we stopped at a small park, which was good for photos anyway. I helped Doll take a bunch of photos of her on her camera, and she got a lot of Uriel while I snapped away some candid shots of Sara and Katou. Most of these photos are of everyone else, because the ones I'm in are on everyone else's cameras.

Sara and Katou were sitting around at one point and it seemed like some kind of plausible never-happened chat, so I snapped away.

Sorry I interrupted? :P

A rare smile XD

I can just imagine she's like... "Now we don't cut ourselves, right, Katou?" And he's just like "Uhuh, yeah. Okay."

I wish I'd gotten a better snap of this, because I really like how it looks.

And then the strangeness starts. WTH is this...!?

...but I think I might ship it. XD Hey, hands off each other!

Doll was snapping some good shots of Uriel and I got one, but I think hers came out better and I didn't want to interrupt.

All I can say for this video is that we're probably going to hell.

These are the only shots I have of myself on my camera. I cropped them because my ass came out fat. XD; But goddamit, I love those pants. They were so comfy and I busted my ass making sure they fit just right.

But that last bit was too sappy for Katou so he decided to end it. Every time I took my eyes off of him, this shit happened! DX

It got too sappy for Katou and Uriel.

Meanwhile, I turn my back on them, and this happens. XD

Yuki really loved making that face. c_c

It's kind of amazing how well Ed and Yuki made matching girls.

Funny face time!

THIS PICTURE. My favorite. XD Uriel, use deoderant!

Finally, we decided to move on, but Katou was about to pass out, so we stopped at the super expensive hotel across the street and confused all the workers! But the bartender was cool and gave us a ton of free water. *_*

Then we headed another block to the plaza, where Katou shared his drugs.

Then Sara got that crazy look in her eyes again. e_e

It's all serious, and then suddenly they laugh.

The Terminator jokes just continued when we took a break, and Sara ran around chasing crows, and laughing. ;;;

Take a rest, Katou.

...and still more laughing. @_@

After the shoot, we walked back to the hotel and stopped for Chinese food in the building with the giant Buzz Lightyear. While we were eating, I really wish I had my camera out, because a slew of zombies walked by the window, and when I looked up at one, it made eye contact. Seeing my eyes widened, the cosplayer just did the most awesome neck twitch and slammed himself up against the window. XD I yelped and jumped even though I was cracking up, and then all the ones behind him started banging on the windows as they passed. That was probably the most amazingly IC group I'd ever seen. We think it was a Left-For-Dead shoot, but there were some Naruto cosplayers mixed in. XD

After that we just hung around the con.

And of course we end the night with Pedo-bear. We also ran into Julie's friend who cosplayed Michael years ago, so maybe he'll join us at a future con. We were all so exhausted at the end of the day that we really just lazed around the rest of the night. Poor Uriel was so miserable in his costume that I really thought he might punch through a wall, so we went home a little early.

And so we end the crazy with more crazy. The end.

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